What We Do


While horizontal wells have dominated the industry for the past two decades, Geologic Consultants expertise lies with vertical well exploration and development.

Integrating new data from unconventional exploration creates new opportunities with vertical wells.

What We Do


Geologic Consultants can provide regional mapping and advanced petrophysics to evaluate and prospect shale plays.

We can help with targeting optimization and volumetrics to extract hydrocarbons at highest efficiency.


Secondary Recovery Assistance

Geologic Consultants can optimize an existing waterflood or develop a new flood. Optimizing pressure management, volumetrics and sweep design can drastically increase reservoir recoverability in tired fields.

Log Analysis and Correlations

Logging tools have evolved drastically over the past decade. Understanding the new tools as well as experience with old logs can can save money and reduce risk.  


The most fundamental geological tool. Many geologist have lost the art of creating a sound geologic maps and this is where Geologic Consultants thrive. There endless attributes to map, let us create the maps to better understand your asset.


Let us evaluate existing well-bores for behind pipe potential. We have plenty of experience with optimizing old well-bore via, bridge plugs and squeezes to reduce operating expenses.